Funds appear to be endorsing the recent breakout from Tangoe Inc. (TNGO), who’s software and services aim to help companies better manage their voice, data and wireless costs. This bodes well for growth stocks and general. Perhaps something for the aggressive to nibble on, but not get stuck with. 

The stock has acquired four clear accumulation days of late as it clears its year-long technical base. 

Fundamentally, this company with an $800 million market cap, meets our requirement for stellar with sales growth of 28% at $175 million for the last 12 months, and better than 60% earnings growth, which was nearly $16 million. Growth estimates from analysts peg it at 24% for next year. 

Other marks aren’t so hot with more than $13 million debt and nearly 3% return on equity. Mediocre action from competitor stocks  DOX and CSGS possess decent up trends above their 50DMA’s, though they’re not making new highs. 

All data compiled from Yahoo! Finance. 

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