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  • Definition

    Clear cup-and-handle pattern on the S&P says breakout or die. Last week’s hi-vol Fed day put a fire under the Bull. The Bear has yet to counter with anything. Chart structure remains in upward channels across the market. Odds are we’ll breakout. The telling would be in how it sticks. As always – trade what […]

  • Letting Loose

    The bull is strong within this week’s select list of top earners. Licking our chops over lower bases setting up… Screen Based On: Sales > 20% Quarterly EPS > 20% Quarterly ROE > 15% Price > 50 and 200 SDMA’s Price > 10 Average volume > 300,000 Market Cap > $300mil Ticker Company Sector Industry […]

Chart Watch

  • Homebuilders are back. This blogger’s anticipation of an industry wide breakout soured after a couple of less than rosy outlooks from key companies sent investors into defensive mode. That big, fat red volume bar tells us more than a few paws got burnt trying to play it. But the setup is back and poised better […]

  • The Russell 2000 is all alone under its high mark as the Dow, Naz and S&P 500 hit fresh breakouts. Our attention is focused on this small cap index because 1. That’s where we often find the best growth stocks and 2. This is a former leader in the recent bull market, so could be […]