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We’re sticking with our Buyer’s Cation, Yellow Flag bias as the bear appears to have at least one paw on the wheel.

This recent rally is likely a selling opportunity. Look to the support levels of the 200-day moving averages on the major indexes as downside targets.

We’re keeping a close eye on the bellwether Semiconductor Index ($SOX) for direction. Technically, the sector is positive with a bear-burning trend above its 50-day average. Though undoubtedly bulls are choking with a failed breakout in the books. This is the heart of the battle, imho.

Stay tuned.

The Big D


All our reasons to sell seemed to shine today. That’s one massive distribution day for the major indexes. 

We’ll see how price adjusts to life under the 50-day moving average. No reason to alter our Buyer’s Caution bias just yet. We’ll be looking to the 200-day MA’s if weakness become this summer’s theme.

Not Happening


The Bull is alive and well with accumulation posted across the major U.S. stock indexes Thursday. 

W e’re not going to be bears as long as price action remains above major averages.

While we have several reasons to believe down is the path of least resistance, it ain’t happening until it’s happening.

Bounce Zone


We’re looking for a bounce on the major indexes, and it’s likely to happen near current price levels as the 50-day moving averages come into play as downside targets. 

These technical bounces, or even lack of, at key levels such as the 50-day moving averages tell us a lot about the strength of the Bear.  Unanswered heavy selling will continue to send us lower.  A heavy volume bleed out in this zone could pave the way for more upside as sellers are shaken out. Evidence of real buyers will be key to speculating a resume in the uptrend, as will leadership from growth stocks and bellwether sectors such as finance and technology. 


Buyer’s Caution, Bias Shift


Buyer's Caution

We've shifted our bias down to Buyer's Caution as multiple distribution days, a lack of leadership and an expected seasonal shift in sentiment appear to have set in for awhile. This is our first bias shift all year. We're happy to have been on the right side of the market for the last six months despite staying on the lookout for a 5% pullback in the major indexes.

Enjoy your summer.

Breakout Watch, ANGI

Angie's List Co-founder Angie Hicks
Angie’s List Co-founder Angie Hicks

Angie’s List, Inc. (ANGI)
, for a monthly fee, helps buyers find and review local house cleaners, contractors, health providers and mechanics etc.

Fundamentals: Company did nearly $178 million in sales for the last 12 months, giving it a 68% growth rate (yoy). Yay! But it also posted an EBITDA loss of nearly $43 million. Boo. If it weren’t for an average analyst forecast of 179.50% growth for next year we wouldn’t be interested.

First Hand: Product is worth monthly subscription fee of less than $5 as it saves users time weeding through their local services market, giving some degree of confidence for those looking for good reputations of various professionals.

Technicals: $20 mark is key here. We like the rapid acceleration in gap ups this year, though we’re not seeing the accumulation days that illustrate decent institutional backing. ANGI broke out of a year long base in April. A test of that base at under $20 may be in store in the coming months. See it how it holds up then.

Bottom Line: Worth watching, but we’re not yet buyers. 


Easing Down

Easy Does It
Easy Does It

The Bull is out of gas. Pretty much everyone should be calling for a test of the 50-day moving average.

The more important question is how far we’ll go down. We’ll call it day-by-day as we see it. Nothing appears to be deteriorating to Bear market status. We’re more likely to see a bit of sideways action from the broader market with no collapse of leadership from key stocks threatening the scene.

This is where we are until we have reason to believe otherwise.